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Naruto Manga 620 | Naruto 620 Hiruzen

February 11, 2013

Are you looking for the upcoming Naruto 620 Manga. Then you are at the right place because Naruto 620 chapter is now available online.
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naruto manga 620

naruto manga 620

It wasn’t morally ‘right’ to segregate the Uchihas, but I’m sure that it wouldn’t have been 100% segregation. Likely that those who wished to be recognised as an Uchiha police member would stay and others would move to the main village for further roles. From what I can tell Tobirama doesn’t actually HATE the Uchiha. He certainly dislikes them, but then it would be hard for a man of his disposition, seeing in black and white, to let go of all of the grudge held against his former most bitter rival. These warrior clans were USED against one another by the different feudal lords for the gaining of power, their whole rivalry grew mainly put of their use as tools.

But if you look at the Uchihas purpose within Konoha, they would make the best police force. With their powers of vision and abilit with genjutsu etc. Tobirama simply was thinking of the village, he didn’t really think about the emotional ramifications, because he was such a militaristic leader, unlike Hashirama who was clearly a friendly happy go lucky character.

The Uchiha coup is only barely linked with that. I mean Hiruzen was what 70+ when he died?? He was made Hokage at roughly 15 and the Uchiha massacre was around 6 years before his death, long after Tobirama established the police.


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